Hotline Miami: Official Soundtrack

18 Jan

Just to be clear, Avenuetrim is not a gaming blog.  However, the soundtrack to Hotline Miami, the critically-acclaimed ultra-violent PC game by Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital, is so enticing that we’re now eager to play the game itself.  Heavily influenced by 2011’s neo-noir Drive (which also had an equally laudable soundtrack), Hotline delivers a “neon-soaked” depiction of seedy Miami during the late 1980s, and the game’s music only brilliantly expands from there.  The relatively underground artists contributing to Hotline‘s largely synthpop/industrial soundtrack have been assembled in a manner that echoes the 1989 South Bay club scene.  Needless to say, we can’t wait until this compilation is available for download.

Link: Hotline Miami: Official Soundtrack

Here’s a trailer for Hotline Miami.

One Response to “Hotline Miami: Official Soundtrack”

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