The Double – Film

19 Jan


The Double had a lot going for it: a promising spy story and performances by heavy-hitters like Martin Sheen and Richard Gere.  Additionally, Richard Gere has been on a comeback, appearing in both Arbitrage (which was awesome) and the upcoming Movie 43.  Ultimately, however, The Double failed to deliver.  The film is about a retired CIA operative (Gere) being paired with a young and inexperienced FBI agent (Topher Grace) to track down a Cold War assassin who has recently resurfaced in the U.S.  The film probably could have benefited from recasting Grace with a more focused and less squirrelly young FBI gunner.  Furthermore, although the story had inclinations of offering significant twists (a la double-agent-betrayal) that are to be expected in any spy thriller, the film’s surprises felt forced and underdeveloped.   Lastly, significant plot holes notwithstanding, many of the characters’ choices and motivations are hardly realistic.  We wanted The Double to meet our expectations, but unfortunately we were let down.

"I'd appreciate your input." - The Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch."

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