The New Beach House Video Is…Good? Or Something?

8 Mar

Baltimore’s only contribution to pop culture besides Ray Lewis, Beach House, just released a new video for their single “Wishes.” And it’s sooooo deeeeep. The video stars actor Ray Wise, notable for his tenure on David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks.” Despite being directed by Eric Wareheim, you would think that this….thing would’ve been directed by Lynch himself. That’s because no one know’s what the hell is going on. Except for Beach House and Lynch/Wareheim. And the people at Pitchfork, probably (or at least they’d tell you that). There’s a high school, singing, athletics (maybe?), fireworks, slutty cheerleaders, and horses. Is it ironic because it’s random? Or is it random because it’s ironic? Doesn’t matter; so meta. ¬†Regardless, the pretentious and quasi-tongue-in-cheek attitude behind this video is palpably irritating. Listen, we like Beach House and this song. But we don’t “get” this video. Nor do we want to; it’s just a confetti of self-gratifying ironic B.S. or whatever. I’m going to go watch DWTS.

"I'd appreciate your input." - The Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch."

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