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This is AvenueTrim’s Official Music Video

5 Apr


4 Apr



Good Night Keaton – “Next To Mexico” feat. Mereki

4 Apr

Good Night Keaton is the stage name of LA-based artist Aaron Shanahan.  He does a lot of good remixing and mixtape work which you can find a sampling of on Soundcloud.  His singles are a lot of fun too,  “Next To Mexico” is a prime piece.

Throwback Thursday: Jaws

4 Apr


Throwback Thursday: Chuck Berry Teaches His Audience to Sing “My Ding-a-Ling.”

4 Apr

Proof that Chuck Berry is, and always will be, amazing.

Here’s a Bunch Of People Ruining Their Chance at Being Rich on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

3 Apr



VHS or Beta – “Breaking Bones”

2 Apr

Hot damn am I a fan of this.  I just bought VHS or Beta’s 2011 album Diamonds and Death and I can’t get enough.  It took me a while to fully commit to the 80’s vibes, but now I have, and I’m walking on sunshine.

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