Kitten – “Yesterday (What’s Love)”

27 May


I’m so sick of Facebook that I consider deleting my account every few days.  That website does have its benefits, though. Having hundreds and hundreds of virtual friends naturally leads to an occasional post introducing me to something cool.  Take this band I found there yesterday, for example.  Kitten has tendencies toward a familiar femme-fatale art-punk foursome – BUT, and I say BUT – they have a few uniquely redeeming qualities.  Their singles are infinitely remix-able, their sound has a transgender appeal, and (most importantly from a popular standpoint) they’re very danceable.  So why hasn’t Kitten broken into the mainstream?

Good question.

They’re too good.  They deserve your deliberate consideration.

"I'd appreciate your input." - The Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch."

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