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“Carter” – Arthur Beatrice

2 Oct


Sorry / not sorry for not posting in forever.  Featured above is the English musical 4some “Arthur Beatrice,” posed, it seems, to look a lot cooler than they probably are in life (note how half the band is too Gucci to face the camera at their own photo shoot). Whether Arthur Beatrice is the name or names of the musician(s), I don’t know.  Their only EP to my knowledge, Carter, was released this July.  Sorry / not sorry for posting a song that’s been out for more than three months. Listen.

Behold: The Mario Kart Wedding Cake

14 Aug

Image I don’t even want to eat this it’s so amazing.

Eisley’s new album sounds good all over.

13 Aug


I’m a bit behind on posting about this, but my internet access in Europe was limited the last 2 months.  The Texas family band Eisley released their fourth full-length, Currents, late May.  I’ve been a fan of theirs since high school, but I always thought of them as a band of great singles and OK records.  I found Currents, however, surprisingly enjoyable as an album.  Good bands further develop their sound with each new release, and Currents showcases a newfound melodic maturity in Eisley’s music.  They have yet to release any music videos for the record, but you can find the audio from the title track below.

Marsheaux – “Can You Stop Me?”

13 Aug

The Athens-based musical duo Marsheaux has been producing provocative synth-pop for almost a decade.  I was introduced to them this summer when hearing their April 2013 album Inhale. Their recent work represents the most progressive trends in the genre.  Below is the video for “Can You Stop Me?” from the same release.  Also check out their single “Summer” which dropped this month.

Variations in American English!

6 Jun


“22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Different From Each Other”

This is quite interesting when you get into it.  I actually read through the entire thing.  See Link:

Kitten – “Yesterday (What’s Love)”

27 May


I’m so sick of Facebook that I consider deleting my account every few days.  That website does have its benefits, though. Having hundreds and hundreds of virtual friends naturally leads to an occasional post introducing me to something cool.  Take this band I found there yesterday, for example.  Kitten has tendencies toward a familiar femme-fatale art-punk foursome – BUT, and I say BUT – they have a few uniquely redeeming qualities.  Their singles are infinitely remix-able, their sound has a transgender appeal, and (most importantly from a popular standpoint) they’re very danceable.  So why hasn’t Kitten broken into the mainstream?

Good question.

They’re too good.  They deserve your deliberate consideration.

Accu-Check shows us the glamorous side of diabetes.

23 May

See the world through rose-colored glasses, and testing your blood sugar takes on a poppy, party feel.

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