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Behold: The Mario Kart Wedding Cake

14 Aug

Image I don’t even want to eat this it’s so amazing.

Variations in American English!

6 Jun


“22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Different From Each Other”

This is quite interesting when you get into it.  I actually read through the entire thing.  See Link:

Throwback Thursday: New York City Subway During 1970 and 80.

23 May


A reminder of just how bad New York was in the 1970s and 80s – and how far it’s come.  Full gallery in the link.

The New Wave Super Friends

20 May


Artist Butcher Billy has recast our favorite superheroes as icons from the ’80s Post-Punk/New Wave movements.  They would want to save our city, but that would probably be too mainstream. Guess we’ll all perish, man.  Prints on sale at Behance.

I hate art.

17 May

Of course someone bought this for $44 million…



Full story here

American Gothic Revived.

17 May



Nan Wood Grant and Dr. Byron McKeeby – models used by artist Grant Wood in painting American Gothic.  Nan was Wood’s sister, while Dr. McKeeby was the siblings’ dentist.  

Throwback Thursday: Cartridges.

16 May


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