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Oh, And We Hate Music Too. MGMT Performed A New “Song” On Letterman

23 Aug


What just happened?  Why is Andrew VanWyngarden dressed like a cave man Elton John?  Why is he smacking a giant cowbell?  Why are they playing this boring and overly repetitive song on national television?  Why does it suck so bad?  Oh, that’s right, I forgot; I wouldn’t “get” it.  Of course!  Silly me!  But let me give it my best shot nonetheless.  Maybe the whole point of the song is to be mindless and droning, thereby illustrating that our lives are monotonous and unavailing.  Clever enough.  But here’s an idea; if you want to sell records, don’t make bad songs.  

However, I really did enjoy that cringe-worthy pause after the end of the sone before the audience started to awkwardly clap.

The Mystery of Flying Kicks

15 Aug

Chances are, you’ve probably seen a pair of tennis shoes dangling from power lines before.  You had probably heard that it meant there’s a crack house nearby.  Or it memorialized a deceased gang member.  Or someone got lucky and was celebrating losing his or her virginity.  The thing is that there is no one real definition to what the long lasting, mysterious practice means.  However, director Matthew Bate is determined to figure out the ritual’s origin in The Mystery of Flying Kicks.  Worth 15 minutes of your time. 

Universal Studios Opening “The Simpsons” Theme Park.

26 May

Universal will be expanding the area around The Simpsons Ride at its Universal Orlando Resort in Florida into a full-on Springfield replica this Summer. This means aside from the rides, it will feature actual restaurants and foods straight from The Simpsons.  As such, we’re currently booking our hotel rooms.  

Accu-Check shows us the glamorous side of diabetes.

23 May

See the world through rose-colored glasses, and testing your blood sugar takes on a poppy, party feel.

360 – “Boys Like You” (feat. Gossling)

20 May

360 is an up and coming Australian rapper with a unique and refreshing twist on hip hop.  The Melbourne MC wowed crowds at SXSW this year when the power went out during his set, yet he continued to freestyle while an audience member beat boxed for him.  Impressive, sir.  If you are lucky enough to be going to Lollapalooza this year, 360 will be performing.  Don’t miss it.  His album “Falling and Flying” is currently available.

This Is What Snake Venom Does To Blood

20 May

Good luck with that, bitees.

I hate art.

17 May

Here’s Yoko Ono acting like a crazy bitch and getting away with it in the name of expression.

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