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4 Apr



The Stephen King Universe Flowchart

28 Mar

ImageWe don’t know anything about Stephen King except that he writes scary stories and lives in Maine.  Apparently, however, his stories are set in the same universe (a la Kevin Smith films).  And luckily for you horror fans, blogger Tessie Girl has taken on the formidable task of mapping it out visually.  Click the image for larger size.

The Boeing 727 that Vanished.

24 Mar


In 2003, two guys stole a Boeing 727 parked on a runway in Angola.  Neither the men nor the airplane were ever seen again, despite the efforts of the FBI, CIA, and other government organizations.  Worth a read.

“Fashion is made to become unfashionable.”

12 Mar

Coco Chanel’s wisdom rings true in this most abrasive of trends – the chronic shortening of men’s shorts. Shorts have retreated above the knee since the turn of this century; that has become the standard in preppy and “frat” circles. Just above the knee isn’t a bad look, but I’m worried about where this is headed. Two of the foremost American propagators of the style, “Chubbies” and “Bonobos,” seem determined to push the envelope. Bonobos’ 5″ shorts represent the avant-garde of douchey apparel. I hate to say it, but 3-inchers are bound to follow.

Let’s be reasonable, show some modesty, and pray God doesn’t smite us all for this debauchery.

James Franco is a genius.

19 Feb


If you aren’t a fan of James Franco, you should be.  Professional actor, director, filmmaker, artist.  His work off the big screen tends to raise eyebrows; he’s known for a short independent film called Dicknose In Paris.  That title is self-explanatory.

His most recent project is an art exhibit on celebrity culture entitled Gay Town.  As a heterosexual, he clearly has a tongue-in-cheek take on things.

The Guy Whose Car Got Stuck at 125mph for an Hour is Lucky to Be Alive.

13 Feb


The Atlantic describes how a poor French dude nearly said “au revoir” to the world after his car malfunctioned and sped at 125mph for an hour.  Luckily he came to a safe rest…in Belgium, however.

Cringe: Woman Arrested for Defacing Priceless Painting with 9/11 Conspiracies

11 Feb


Yes, THAT painting.

A woman was arrested for defacing Eugene Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People.”  She had written a message linked to the 9/11 “truther” movement.  Because that’s how you get people to stop thinking your conspiracy theories are crazy….

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