The Mystery of Flying Kicks

15 Aug

Chances are, you’ve probably seen a pair of tennis shoes dangling from power lines before.  You had probably heard that it meant there’s a crack house nearby.  Or it memorialized a deceased gang member.  Or someone got lucky and was celebrating losing his or her virginity.  The thing is that there is no one real definition to what the long lasting, mysterious practice means.  However, director Matthew Bate is determined to figure out the ritual’s origin in The Mystery of Flying Kicks.  Worth 15 minutes of your time. 

Behold: The Mario Kart Wedding Cake

14 Aug

Image I don’t even want to eat this it’s so amazing.

Eisley’s new album sounds good all over.

13 Aug


I’m a bit behind on posting about this, but my internet access in Europe was limited the last 2 months.  The Texas family band Eisley released their fourth full-length, Currents, late May.  I’ve been a fan of theirs since high school, but I always thought of them as a band of great singles and OK records.  I found Currents, however, surprisingly enjoyable as an album.  Good bands further develop their sound with each new release, and Currents showcases a newfound melodic maturity in Eisley’s music.  They have yet to release any music videos for the record, but you can find the audio from the title track below.

Marsheaux – “Can You Stop Me?”

13 Aug

The Athens-based musical duo Marsheaux has been producing provocative synth-pop for almost a decade.  I was introduced to them this summer when hearing their April 2013 album Inhale. Their recent work represents the most progressive trends in the genre.  Below is the video for “Can You Stop Me?” from the same release.  Also check out their single “Summer” which dropped this month.

Goldroom – “Verano”

13 Aug

Image As one of today’s best DJs, Los Angeles’ Goldroom rarely disappoints with his smooth, disco-influenced remixes and original mixes.  Verano is no exception.  As Goldroom himself puts it, Verano “should be an escape, a pathway to losing your problems for a day.”  It is.  Check it out below.

Back From Hiatus! Yay!

13 Aug


 After taking 6 weeks off to study for the bar exam and travel in Europe, we’ve put our priorities back in order.  We’ll be blogging again about music and pop culture.  Sorry, we got a little sidetracked there.  We have a lot of new stuff coming your way soon.  But in the meantime, enjoy this moment between Premier Vladimir and a puppy.  

Temporary Hiatus

29 Jun


 For the two or three of you that actually visit our website, if you haven’t noticed we’re on a little bit of a break right now.  One of us is busy studying for the bar exam (which somehow seemed worth it three years ago) and the other is studying abroad in a far away, exotic place called…”Europe.”  Anyway, we’re a little sidetracked this summer but we should be up and running again sometime in August.  So come back then.  Or don’t.  But if you don’t Premier Vladimir will still be sad.

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