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Wait, Nevermind, We Still Hate Movies; Ben Affleck Is the New Batman…

22 Aug


Ben Affleck will be playing Batman opposite Henry Cavill in the upcoming Superman-Batman “film” directed by Zack Snyder (because we needed that in the first place?).  Listen, we don’t have anything against Ben Affleck, really.  But how are we supposed to take seriously the same guy who made out with Cartman’s hand as the new Batman?

The New Wave Super Friends

20 May


Artist Butcher Billy has recast our favorite superheroes as icons from the ’80s Post-Punk/New Wave movements.  They would want to save our city, but that would probably be too mainstream. Guess we’ll all perish, man.  Prints on sale at Behance.


Every Title Card from “Batman: The Animated Series.”

17 Feb




Some kind soul uploaded every title card from “Batman: The Animated Series.”  The show, with its mature themes, gripping stories, and well-executed art deco aesthetic, remains a classic that captured the mood of the comic franchise.


27 Jan

If only…

bill murray

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