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Wait, Nevermind, We Still Hate Movies; Ben Affleck Is the New Batman…

22 Aug


Ben Affleck will be playing Batman opposite Henry Cavill in the upcoming Superman-Batman “film” directed by Zack Snyder (because we needed that in the first place?).  Listen, we don’t have anything against Ben Affleck, really.  But how are we supposed to take seriously the same guy who made out with Cartman’s hand as the new Batman?

Deadline Hollywood Reminds Us that the Oscars Is Really All About Spite and Envy.

25 Feb


We have Oscars AND pretentious beards?! There’s no stopping us! hahahahahahaha!”

Deadline Hollywood‘s editor-in-chief Nikki Finke provided some insightful and refreshingly blunt commentary about how the Academy chooses its annual winners and, moreover, losers.  As she points out: “Everything in Hollywood is agenda driven. That’s why I always say, when it comes to its biggest awards, what’s important are the scars, not the Oscars.”  Alright, we’re done talking about the Oscars for awhile.  Thanks for putting up with it.


An Oscar Voter’s Brutally Honest Ballot.

22 Feb


A member of the Academy – who wished to remain anonymous – invited Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter to watch as he filled out his Oscar ballot.  And he was brutally honest in his deliberations.  Explaining that Django Unchained doesn’t deserve to get Best Original Screenplay because Quentin Tarantino has “made the same movie eight times” and that Argo is a “whole lot of nothing,” this member of the Academy gives us his refreshingly honest opinions.


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