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CFCF – “Jump Out Of The Train”

23 Aug

Image  Montreal’s CFCF (Michael Silver) usually delivers with his chilled-out, ’80’s influenced beats without being too nostalgic about synth-pop and New Wave.  “Jump Out Of The Train” is a great example.

Oh, and we included The Hood Internet’s mash-up of Ice Cube and CFCF because we’re nice.

Goldroom – “Verano”

13 Aug

Image As one of today’s best DJs, Los Angeles’ Goldroom rarely disappoints with his smooth, disco-influenced remixes and original mixes.  Verano is no exception.  As Goldroom himself puts it, Verano “should be an escape, a pathway to losing your problems for a day.”  It is.  Check it out below.

In The Valley Below – “Last Soul”

26 Mar


In The Valley Below is an LA based duo with an interesting blend of electronic beats and southern vibes.  From what I can tell, they’ve released one EP, Hymnal, which includes this track and two others, “Hymnal” and “Palm Tree Fire”.  The more I looked into this band, the more I liked them.  So please, do listen.

XXYYXX – “About You.”

3 Mar

Besides Clams Casino’s “I’m God,” another example of a video accurately conveying the feeling or mood of its song is the Jeff Vash-directed “About You” for XXYYXX.

Clams Casino – “I’m God.”

3 Mar

We think Clams is sampling Imogen Heap. Whatever it is, it works well with the visuals from the 1989 French film “Lost in New York.”

Child Actor

1 Mar

Child Actor released an EP and an LP in 2012.  Although their sound is very much “in” right now with the more popular likes of Chvrches, Purity Ring, etc., they have yet to gain a significant following.  Perhaps that is because Child Actor has a somewhat distinct flavor from its peers; instead of taking after girly vocals and heavy dance beats, this band has a more mature, elegant, and ambient allure.  Instead of the blunt, broken approach that makes people get up and move, Child Actor prefers to bury us in an ocean of sound.


“I Will Be”

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