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Oh, And We Hate Music Too. MGMT Performed A New “Song” On Letterman

23 Aug


What just happened?  Why is Andrew VanWyngarden dressed like a cave man Elton John?  Why is he smacking a giant cowbell?  Why are they playing this boring and overly repetitive song on national television?  Why does it suck so bad?  Oh, that’s right, I forgot; I wouldn’t “get” it.  Of course!  Silly me!  But let me give it my best shot nonetheless.  Maybe the whole point of the song is to be mindless and droning, thereby illustrating that our lives are monotonous and unavailing.  Clever enough.  But here’s an idea; if you want to sell records, don’t make bad songs.  

However, I really did enjoy that cringe-worthy pause after the end of the sone before the audience started to awkwardly clap.

Universal Studios Opening “The Simpsons” Theme Park.

26 May

Universal will be expanding the area around The Simpsons Ride at its Universal Orlando Resort in Florida into a full-on Springfield replica this Summer. This means aside from the rides, it will feature actual restaurants and foods straight from The Simpsons.  As such, we’re currently booking our hotel rooms.  

Here’s a Bunch Of People Ruining Their Chance at Being Rich on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

3 Apr



Throwback Thursday: 8-Ball.

14 Mar


If “Game of Thrones” Was Made in 1995.

13 Mar

Someone clever (we’re not exactly sure who) accurately envisioned what the intro to Game of Thrones would look like if the series was produced 18 years ago.  We recommend watching it in 240p for authenticity’s sake.  

The New Beach House Video Is…Good? Or Something?

8 Mar

Baltimore’s only contribution to pop culture besides Ray Lewis, Beach House, just released a new video for their single “Wishes.” And it’s sooooo deeeeep. The video stars actor Ray Wise, notable for his tenure on David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks.” Despite being directed by Eric Wareheim, you would think that this….thing would’ve been directed by Lynch himself. That’s because no one know’s what the hell is going on. Except for Beach House and Lynch/Wareheim. And the people at Pitchfork, probably (or at least they’d tell you that). There’s a high school, singing, athletics (maybe?), fireworks, slutty cheerleaders, and horses. Is it ironic because it’s random? Or is it random because it’s ironic? Doesn’t matter; so meta.  Regardless, the pretentious and quasi-tongue-in-cheek attitude behind this video is palpably irritating. Listen, we like Beach House and this song. But we don’t “get” this video. Nor do we want to; it’s just a confetti of self-gratifying ironic B.S. or whatever. I’m going to go watch DWTS.


27 Feb


We’re not sure who did this. Found it on Neatorama.com. Regardless, thank you, powers that be.

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