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Trailer AND Gameplay of “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”

28 Mar


We usually don’t post about video games since everyone else on the internet knows a whole lot more about them than we do. But when the highly-anticipated sequel to your favorite video game franchise finally arrives, you break your own rules.  Last night, Hideo Kojima at last confirmed what everyone knew already – that “The Phantom Pain” was the next installment of the highly-successful Metal Gear Solid series.  Moreover, “Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes” serves as a prologue to “The Phantom Pain,” and will be two distinct games.    In typical Kojima fashion, however, the trailer is cryptic as it offers more questions than answers.  Below are six minutes of gameplay for The Phantom Pain.  Now if they would only just make the damn movie…

New M83 – “Oblivion” Soundtrack.

27 Mar


Rather than taking the conventional approach and releasing a follow-up to 2011’s hit LP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, France’s M83 instead took the unique route (would you expect anything else?) and have been recording the soundtrack to Oblivion.  Oblivion stars Tom Cruise as he is caught on a deserted post-apocalyptic Earth where Morgan Freeman wears menacing sunglasses while he sits in the dark.  But Oblivion aside, M83 thus far still delivers.  The new music is still rooted in the group’s idiosyncratic brand of new wave dream pop, but on a much more “epic” and “Hollywood” scale.  The music is less focused on making a “song” than creating a feeling under which scenes unfold.

Here’s the trailer for Oblivion.  Hits theaters April 12th.

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