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“Carter” – Arthur Beatrice

2 Oct


Sorry / not sorry for not posting in forever.  Featured above is the English musical 4some “Arthur Beatrice,” posed, it seems, to look a lot cooler than they probably are in life (note how half the band is too Gucci to face the camera at their own photo shoot). Whether Arthur Beatrice is the name or names of the musician(s), I don’t know.  Their only EP to my knowledge, Carter, was released this July.  Sorry / not sorry for posting a song that’s been out for more than three months. Listen.

Accu-Check shows us the glamorous side of diabetes.

23 May

See the world through rose-colored glasses, and testing your blood sugar takes on a poppy, party feel.

This is AvenueTrim’s Official Music Video

5 Apr

Good Night Keaton – “Next To Mexico” feat. Mereki

4 Apr

Good Night Keaton is the stage name of LA-based artist Aaron Shanahan.  He does a lot of good remixing and mixtape work which you can find a sampling of on Soundcloud.  His singles are a lot of fun too,  “Next To Mexico” is a prime piece.

Throwback Thursday: Chuck Berry Teaches His Audience to Sing “My Ding-a-Ling.”

4 Apr

Proof that Chuck Berry is, and always will be, amazing.

Here’s a Bunch Of People Ruining Their Chance at Being Rich on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

3 Apr



VHS or Beta – “Breaking Bones”

2 Apr

Hot damn am I a fan of this.  I just bought VHS or Beta’s 2011 album Diamonds and Death and I can’t get enough.  It took me a while to fully commit to the 80’s vibes, but now I have, and I’m walking on sunshine.

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