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Kitten – “Yesterday (What’s Love)”

27 May


I’m so sick of Facebook that I consider deleting my account every few days.  That website does have its benefits, though. Having hundreds and hundreds of virtual friends naturally leads to an occasional post introducing me to something cool.  Take this band I found there yesterday, for example.  Kitten has tendencies toward a familiar femme-fatale art-punk foursome – BUT, and I say BUT – they have a few uniquely redeeming qualities.  Their singles are infinitely remix-able, their sound has a transgender appeal, and (most importantly from a popular standpoint) they’re very danceable.  So why hasn’t Kitten broken into the mainstream?

Good question.

They’re too good.  They deserve your deliberate consideration.

I hate art.

17 May

Here’s Yoko Ono acting like a crazy bitch and getting away with it in the name of expression.

I hate art.

17 May

Of course someone bought this for $44 million…



Full story here


American Gothic Revived.

17 May



Nan Wood Grant and Dr. Byron McKeeby – models used by artist Grant Wood in painting American Gothic.  Nan was Wood’s sister, while Dr. McKeeby was the siblings’ dentist.  

The Jurassic Park Art Show Wholly Dedicated to People.

29 Mar


We’re embarrassed that we just found out about this Jurassic Park-themed art show held in LA well over a year ago. Regardless, the Just People exhibit deserves our latent attention. By showcasing pieces only devoted to the characters of the dino-flick, Curators gave a unique and humorous perspective on the iconic film.  We’re big fans of the Laura Dern pop art.  Full gallery at UPROXX.


Light Sculptures

26 Mar


Diet Wiegman has been transforming trash into instantly recognizable portraits by carefully arranging rubbish and manipulating light.  Since at least the early 1980s, Wiegman has shown a unique and acute mastery of familiar artistic elements such as depth and light.  Check out his website.


“The Beauty of Smoke.”

9 Mar


Watercolor.  By agnes-cecile.


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