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Throwback Thursday: Jaws

4 Apr


The Jurassic Park Art Show Wholly Dedicated to People.

29 Mar


We’re embarrassed that we just found out about this Jurassic Park-themed art show held in LA well over a year ago. Regardless, the Just People exhibit deserves our latent attention. By showcasing pieces only devoted to the characters of the dino-flick, Curators gave a unique and humorous perspective on the iconic film.  We’re big fans of the Laura Dern pop art.  Full gallery at UPROXX.


New M83 – “Oblivion” Soundtrack.

27 Mar


Rather than taking the conventional approach and releasing a follow-up to 2011’s hit LP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, France’s M83 instead took the unique route (would you expect anything else?) and have been recording the soundtrack to Oblivion.  Oblivion stars Tom Cruise as he is caught on a deserted post-apocalyptic Earth where Morgan Freeman wears menacing sunglasses while he sits in the dark.  But Oblivion aside, M83 thus far still delivers.  The new music is still rooted in the group’s idiosyncratic brand of new wave dream pop, but on a much more “epic” and “Hollywood” scale.  The music is less focused on making a “song” than creating a feeling under which scenes unfold.

Here’s the trailer for Oblivion.  Hits theaters April 12th.

Clams Casino – “I’m God.”

3 Mar

We think Clams is sampling Imogen Heap. Whatever it is, it works well with the visuals from the 1989 French film “Lost in New York.”

The Best Way to Watch the Oscars: Read Snarky Criticism in Real Time.

24 Feb


Slate.com has gone to the trouble of assembling the twitter accounts of the most acute film critics and funniest comedians on their “Snark Machine.”  Now we can all collectively make fun of those who were luckier than we were to actually get to go to the Oscars.  Thanks Slate!


Hobbits in a Helicopter.

23 Feb

Hobbits in a Helicopter.

An Oscar Voter’s Brutally Honest Ballot.

22 Feb


A member of the Academy – who wished to remain anonymous – invited Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter to watch as he filled out his Oscar ballot.  And he was brutally honest in his deliberations.  Explaining that Django Unchained doesn’t deserve to get Best Original Screenplay because Quentin Tarantino has “made the same movie eight times” and that Argo is a “whole lot of nothing,” this member of the Academy gives us his refreshingly honest opinions.


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