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Wait, Nevermind, We Still Hate Movies; Ben Affleck Is the New Batman…

22 Aug


Ben Affleck will be playing Batman opposite Henry Cavill in the upcoming Superman-Batman “film” directed by Zack Snyder (because we needed that in the first place?).  Listen, we don’t have anything against Ben Affleck, really.  But how are we supposed to take seriously the same guy who made out with Cartman’s hand as the new Batman?

The New Trailer for “The Counselor” Makes Us Want To See Movies Again

22 Aug


Ridley Scott has teamed up with the best living American author, Cormac McCarthy, to adapt McCarthy’s first original screenplay, The Counselor, for the big screen.  Starring Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, and Cameron Diaz, The Counselor tells the story of a lawyer (Fassbender) who gets in too deep with drug smugglers.  Suffice it to say, it looks amazing.  The Counselor is out October 25th.  

Because This Couldn’t Possibly Suck.

28 May

opens everywhere June 7th, unfortunately.

Throwback Thursday: 100 Films, 100 Behind the Scenes Photos (1931-2012)

16 May


A full and impressive list can be found here:


Throwback Thursday: Jaws

4 Apr


The Jurassic Park Art Show Wholly Dedicated to People.

29 Mar


We’re embarrassed that we just found out about this Jurassic Park-themed art show held in LA well over a year ago. Regardless, the Just People exhibit deserves our latent attention. By showcasing pieces only devoted to the characters of the dino-flick, Curators gave a unique and humorous perspective on the iconic film.  We’re big fans of the Laura Dern pop art.  Full gallery at UPROXX.

The Stephen King Universe Flowchart

28 Mar

ImageWe don’t know anything about Stephen King except that he writes scary stories and lives in Maine.  Apparently, however, his stories are set in the same universe (a la Kevin Smith films).  And luckily for you horror fans, blogger Tessie Girl has taken on the formidable task of mapping it out visually.  Click the image for larger size.

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